seaweed brain

“And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.”

mafalda, sixteen, portugal

All you need to know

help me lose weight/get fit!

What’s your name/how old are you/etc?

check my about me page!

How many followers do you have?

ask me nicely and i’ll tell you.
How many blogs do you follow?
around 200 blogs.
How long have you been on tumblr for?
since July 2010 but I started using more on September 2011.

Promo for promo?

only if I’m in the mood. 

What program do you use to make graphics/gifs?

photoshop CS3

Will you check out my blog?

How did you put your FAQ and ask together?
here she explains how to do it.
Will you follow me?
i only follow you if I genuinely like your blog and not on request. 
*Offensive comment here*
all those questions will be deleted. So please don’t spend your precious time on something that will be completely ignored.
Why did you unfollow me?
maybe I don’t like your blog anymore, maybe you posted some fandoms I didn’t like, maybe you spammed my dash with pointless asks, maybe you don’t update your blog that much or maybe I went on an unfollowing spree. So feel free to unfollow me back.
How many followers do you have?
ask me off anon and I’ll tell you.
How did you get so many followers?
probably from all the edits and gifs I made and just from being nice to people I guess.